Work published today in the journal Nature by an international collaboration including CGCA professor David Kaplan has put Einstein's theory of General Relativity to another strict test, and found that it passed with flying colors.Read more about it in the UWM Report.

A great summary video is available on Youtube.

The work is: Universality of free fall from the orbital motion of a pulsar in a stellar triple system by Anne Archibald, Nina Gusinskaia, Jason Hessels, Adam Deller, David Kaplan, Dunc Lorimer, Ryan Lynch, Scott Ransom, and Ingrid Stairs, Nature, 559 73 (2018).

System Overview

The pulsar and the inner white dwarf are in a 1.6-day orbit. This pair is in a 327-day orbit with the outer white dwarf, much further away. Credit: SKA organization